Essay Hands on Is the Key

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Hands on is the Key
Mitchell M Ledet III
COLL100 I014 Sum 12
American Military University
Roxanne Ostlund

HANDS – ON IS THE KEY The different type of people in the world learning techniques vary on the different type of personal they are and the area they grew up around. Some people learn by visual, listening and some by hearing. I learn better with hands on while getting involved into the lesson and tasked that has to be completed. A person needs to know their learning style to better themselves at learning and to take advantage of the advantages instead of their downfalls. There are many different types of ways of learning throughout your life. As a kid, your parents showed you everything that you needed to learn. Now the
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I can remember diagrams, charts, and maps. It also informed me that I am also an Auditory Learner, which my strengths are that I can remember what I have heard and say. I enjoy class discussion and can remember oral instructions. The other website that I utilized informs me that I am a tactile learner. Informing me that I trace words as I am saying them. Facts that must be learned should be written several times. I should keep a supply of scratch paper for this purpose. I have to say I agree to disagree. The first website that I visit and completed the survey informed me that I was an Auditory Learner. I can honestly say negative to that. Due to the military and deployments I have endure and my hearing is not up to par have learned how to use my eyes and hands to complete a task. I guess the term adapt and overcome is the key. I have to agree with the outcome of the second website informing me that I am a tactile learner. Due to multiple deployments and injuries to my head, I really cannot remember too much unless I write them down. In my office, I have so many sticky notes all around my desk so I do not forget to do something or that I never forget this format or this number. In conclusion, we the people in society have many ways to learn in different types of ways. However, it always depends on the person and heir

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