Habitat For Humanity And Affordable Housing Essay

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Habitat for Humanity and Affordable Housing in America
Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that provides affordable housing for the underprivileged around the world, and offers aid to the areas that have been affected by disaster. Habitat for Humanity offers the opportunity of affordable homeownership, to those who otherwise would most likely never own a home. Safe and livable housing is becoming less and less affordable in America as decent houses are often built in newer areas (Why Habitat for Humanity is needed, 2014), leaving those who cannot afford to live in said neighborhoods to live in poorer neighborhoods that often extremely unsafe because of the exceedingly high crime rate. The stress placed on low income families is excessively high, which has been linked to negative health effects, thus Habitat for Humanity is not only helping to improve the living conditions of these families, but helping to improve their health as well.
The organization Habitat for Humanity has been in existence since 1976, it was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller (The history of Habitat, 2014). Before Habitat for Humanity was a massive organization that helped to provide affordable housing to over four million people it was just an idea created at a tiny, interracial, Christian community called Koinonia Farm located just outside of Americus, Georgia (The history of Habitat, 2014). This idea was called “partnership housing” the basis of this idea is that those who are in…

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