The Importance Of Public Housing In America

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Public Housing in the United States has by many been considered to be a major failure. It has generally failed to provide its residents with a safe environment to live, and outside of the buildings often plagued with violence, segregation, lack of upward mobility, the failure to maintain the buildings for its residents, and unemployment have led to failure in the public housing system. While changes are being made to improve public housing and root out problems such as racism, and corruption within the housing authority, overwhelmingly the history of what was supposed to be a revolutionary way of living for urban poor, has been a failure. Due to the decline of the city at the time public housing arose, racism, and the failure of the federal …show more content…
This led to a catastrophic scenario for those living in public housing. The buildings began to deteriorate, there was little money going to the community, and due to lack of investment in the community there were lack of resources surrounding it. Which ghettoized the black community and provided little wiggle room to move out of the projects and out of poverty. Families who were able to earn higher wages were evicted from public housing, because their incomes were deemed too high to live there as the result of a federal policy pushed through by conservatives in congress and the federal housing authority in the late 1940s (Hoffman, 11). Unfortunately, because they could not stay, high concentrations of impoverished people were packed into public housing. The dense concentrations of poverty often led to many social issues, as living standards were poor, opportunities were scarce and families often were separated. It is believed if “families whose incomes went up had been able to stay in their apartments by paying higher rents, the rise in social pathologies might have been moderated, and the rental income they paid would have helped make public housing more economically viable,” (Judd, Swanstorm 183) this however did not happen as public housing was set aside for those who could not afford to rent in the private market. Due to this, unlike with homes on the private housing market public housing got caught up in Washington. Debates pursued over how much money should be set aside for public housing, and overtime because of mainly Republican politics, much money for public housing was lost. Buildings were built cheaply and poorly. The government did not really care to make the buildings have a high standard of living; they just wanted to build them at a cheap

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