Coaching Vs Mentoring Case Study

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Coaching versus Mentoring What is coaching? Coaching are methods created on the use of one-to-one discussions with employees to improve an employee’s work performance, skills and or knowledge. Coaching goals usually focuses on particular skills and set of goals, while also having an influence on an employee’s behaviors such as social interaction or loyalty (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2016). The coaching process usually lasts for a short term-period of time, or can be the foundation of a maintain management style. Coaching is often confused with mentoring, coaching is not mentoring the two method are very different.
What is Mentoring? Mentoring is an association with more
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A Human Resource(HR) strategy is to enable line management and to communicate with employees as the important components building a dynamic workforce. HR should incorporate these 3 strategies when recruiting talent: 1.) Builds a positive candidate experience, by building a positive candidate experience, talent will seek you out; as well as share their experience and talk about the organization and the positive experience they had during the recruitment procedure (Peterson & Bevegni, 2015).
2.) Communication between HR and line managers is critical for recruiting. HR should have a continuous and open communication relationship with the hiring managers throughout the process to be able to select a candidates considered suitable in relationships of qualifications as well as in the company culture, to allow for a sustaining an engaged workforce (Mayhew & Media, n.d., para.
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Using one source for recruiting can cost time and money while using multiple sources such as job websites, state and private job agencies to attract talent that is qualified. Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics, stated that HR can be teachers, to “take time to teach both job candidates and hiring managers what they should expect” (Muzio, 2016, para. 7). In addition, be careful in job descriptions, to stay honest about the job descriptions be as effective in fashioning the description, to do this ask the hiring manager these four question: what needs to get done by when, how will this person’s success be quantitatively measured, why would the right person want this job, what are the common attributes of top performers (Kolar, 2015, para. 5)? By working close with the hiring manager the goal to recruit outstanding talent can be

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