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Over reading these three articles I find that we should not have more gun control laws and all actuality we should refine the ones that we have. When a country state or city increases their gun control laws it is evident that crime increases. It is my theory that with increasing gun control laws the common law abiding citizen does not have access to those guns. In increasing the gun control laws it takes the guns out of bad citizens’ hands that would otherwise have had the means to stop the crime.
Crimes have been stopped by armed citizens that would have otherwise created mass killings. There have been many times that if there had been armed citizens allowed there would have been a different outcome.
Gun control laws can’t prevent
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Also about 57 percent say that they are more worried about meeting up with an armed person than they are about running into the police.
A lot of the time people are told how bad the violent death rates are. Like a report by the Los Angeles Times. It says that there are over 34,000 gun deaths in the U.S. A lot of these articles are written by people who are against guns, so they make sure they do not give the entire truth. They try to make guns sound a lot worse than they really are. For instance in the Los Angeles Times, they forget to tell everyone that over half of those are actually suicides. (GunCite). This is how it usually is with the anti-gun groups. They only tell part of the story and do not add all of the details. It only tells you that since 1970 the number of guns has been increasing, but they forget to tell you that the homicide rates have not been going up. (GunCite) Also the percentage of people owning guns has gone down from 49 percent to 40 percent, but the violent crimes have risen and fallen. So in fact The number of gun owners does not affect how many crimes are committed. Another report says that guns are about 43 more likely to kill family members than to kill a criminal. But they leave out that of those 43 deaths, 86 percent (37) were suicides.
The gun war has been going on for years. Every person has a different point on how guns should be dealt with. Ever since the

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