Gun Control Of The United States Essay

2457 Words Dec 18th, 2014 null Page
The government tries to take control guns that are carried in the United States. Should the government even go that far to stop people from doing what they feel is best? The government and states should not control guns to such extents. People have the right to carry weapons as long as it is for defense and that is under protection from the United States Amendment II. Gun control violates the Second Amendment. There is civilian need to carry weapons for protection on a daily basis. States that don’t have gun control laws actually have lower murder rates due to the fact that the crooks have a sense of being afraid not knowing whether the victim will have an weapon for self defense. Laws do not apply to criminals thus leaving the rest of the public being caught in the crossfire. The government can’t be the only ones that are can protect people, people have to protect themselves at times law enforcement can’t. “The second amendment makes a clear statement that the right of the people should not be infringed ( Laurence M. Vance 1)”. There should be no limitation even past pistols, even then that is ignored and processed further than that. Civilian use of assault rifles is greatly prohibited in many states as for it is an unusual weapon to own to protect yourself. Even though that violates the second amendment. “The Second Amendment hasn’t prevented the federal government from infringing upon gun rights and instituting hundreds of federal gun control laws (Laurence M. Vance 1)”.…

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