Gun Control Laws Are Not Strict Enough For Society Essay

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Gun revolt There are roughly 300 million guns in the United States, almost one for every man, woman and child. A February 2013 Pew Center Research poll found 37 percent of U.S. households have a gun in their residents or elsewhere on their property (Mack). That is one-reason reasons why should we allow gun owner to openly carry their gun wherever they go. Current open carry gun control laws are not strict enough for society because laws increase the chance for someone to pull the trigger in a troubling situation, and take away that sense of safety people feel both in public and at home. In 2015 Texas governor signed a bill into law that would allow licensed handgun owners to openly display their weapon in public, before the new law was in tacked Texas was a "concealed carry" state, which did not allow the open carrying of guns in public spaces. A crucial part in the law allowed businesses to opt out of the “open carry’ policy as long as they post a sign on the door that says so (McCarthy). Recent open carry gun laws increase the chance of someone doing something dangerous in a troubling situation. There have many cases where people accidentally have shot someone when they were nervous. For example:
Tyler Maddox was sleeping in his grandmother’s room, when he got of bed…to move a chair that his grandmother has propped against the door for security. Hearing the chair scraping the floor, Linda Maddox [grandmother] assumed that a burglar was trying…

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