The Swiss Way- Gun Control Essay

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The Swiss Way- Gun Control Theodore Roosevelt once said, “We should encourage rifle practice among school boys, and indeed, among all classes. The first step in the direction of preparation to avert war if possible, and to be fit for war, if it should come, is to teach men to shoot.” One of the biggest debates in the United States at the moment is whether or not there should be a tighter control on guns. If one were to look at the statistics around the world, the country that seems to have one of the lowest crime rates(with its percentage of gun ownership) is Switzerland. There is a very high percentage of gun ownership, yet a very low crime rate. Maybe the United States should be considering loosening the bands on gun ownership, and instead, encourage gun ownership. The Swiss are onto something with their gun law, and that’s why the United States should adopt some of their laws.
Some parents would say that having guns in the house is a dangerous things when there are children in the home, but the point of the Switzerland “way” is to have everyone trained in the ability to use a gun, including children. According to Soraya Nelson, shooting is a regular activity to the Swiss children. “The sixth-grader(Gretta Wolf) — who immigrated to Switzerland with her family from Germany, where guns are far more restricted — is one of the best shots at a recent practice session. She and the other children use air guns to learn proper handling and technique before graduating to real…

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