Gun Control And The United States Essay

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Gun control is a very controversial topic in the United States; where the two main sides are the people opposed to gun control and the people in favor of gun control. It has been a major controversy since owning guns has come into question regarding the nation’s overall safety. It has become increasingly popular with the growing fear of terrorism, and how easy it is to attack the United States. “The effect of [the Second and Fourteenth Amendments] on gun politics was the subject of landmark United States Supreme Court decisions in 2008 and 2010, that right for individuals to possess guns for self-defense.” ( People are divided on what they believe about whether gun control will help or not. It is sometimes hard to tell what statements are true and which are false.

There is no need for harsh gun control laws in the United States. Most gun owners have guns as protection for themselves and for their families. One of the most prominent arguments for the pro gun ownership side is that guns serve as protection from a seemingly increasingly violent world. Also “...having guns gives [people] and least a fighting chance in the event of a burglar or home invader manages to get in.”( The second amendment gives people the right to own and use guns and is “ undeniable personal freedom guaranteed by the constitution.”( People also “ the rights of hunters, sport shooters, and recreational gunmen.” ( Criminals are…

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