Essay about Gun Control And The United States Of America

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Gun control has and is an ongoing controversial topic in the United States of America. In past recent years, there has been an increase in mass shootings in schools and in other public places such as movie theaters and dance clubs. It is very worrisome for a person to have in mind that at any given moment our lives could be endangered. For this reason, there has been a discussion of whether gun control is helpful to our country or not. There are many arguments for enforcing and implementing stricter gun control laws that will help decrease violent crimes in the country. Unfortunately, gun control does not help decrease violent crimes, but negatively affects those law abiding citizens of the United States. Going against gun control is more beneficial because the second amendment is not being infringed, violent crimes can be reduced by law abiding gun owners, and more citizens will feel safer. Establishing more-gun control laws results in infringing on all citizen’s right to own guns. The second amendment allows citizens to bear arms without having any connection to the military and for self-defense. As of 2010, the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago ruled that bearing arms is an individual right supported by the second amendment ( 4). Therefore, it is just as important as the first amendment of freedom of speech, press, and religion. All citizens should be given the right to bear arms for self-protection and gun control laws are getting in the way of that right.…

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