Essay on Gun Control And Gun Laws

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Many people think we need gun control and more gun laws. According to the second amendment it is our right, to keep and bear arms. There is a large number of guns in the United States. There is an idea that the government wants to take our guns away completely. Would that even work? Will gun laws and restrictions help keep gun violence, shootings, robbery, and threats from happening? Can President Obama really change the gun laws or take away our guns with the second amendment? Why do people think more gun laws will keep us safer? Some people want it to be harder to buy guns with more regulations. They think that background checks would be one way to restrict gun sales. The United States has over 270,000,000 guns. That 's about 88.8 guns per 100 people. 22% of people have one or more guns, 35% of men have guns and 12% of women have guns (Control, 2016 p.1). There are more guns in the United States than anywhere else in the world. With those numbers would new gun restrictions laws work? Do we really need gun control?
The gun control debate is between people who only want the military and Law enforcement to have access to guns. To help and stop mass shootings, people want to have guns for themselves for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons are: to protect themselves, to hunt rather it for recreation or survival, maybe just for the fact that it 's our right to bear arms, meaning to own and use guns. But if they change the laws and take away our guns will this stop…

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