Gucci Advertisement Analysis

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Sarah Lawrence 07/09/17
The fragrance “Gucci Guilty” that is portrayed in this advertisement represents the brand name “Gucci.” It is a well-known brand that is affiliated with clothes, housing appliances, and fragrances. The audiences might be able to presume various things from looking at the advertisement. The images in the advertisement may appear passionate and sensational regarding the purpose of the advertisement. The image appears to be similar due to the effect the scent has on the two genders. As the man and woman smell each other’s neck, the scent seems to take over their ability to act rational. The images in each advertisement may differ due to the way the opposite sex reacts to the scent in the advertisement.
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On the contrary, the woman closes her eyes as she gets a scent of the man’s cologne. What do you think? The advertisement seems to represent the same brand (“Gucci”) while portraying two different illusions of the scent. The scent seems to cause two different reactions from the opposite sex. For the man, the scent of the woman seems to take his breath. For the woman, the scent of the man seems to give her fresh air. One might think that the scent behind the brand “Gucci” has the ability to take your breath away or replenish oxygen in your lungs. The way “Gucci” appeals to different genders takes yields different methods of advertising. The primary difference between both ads is the attraction the two models have for one another. Do you think the reaction to the scent of the fragrance would be the same …show more content…
Would he feel the same way if the scent of “Gucci Guilty” wasn’t on her skin though? It appears that the scent from “Gucci” makes the woman more appealing. It’s as if her body and beauty isn’t enough! When he gets a scent of her perfume, it consumes his every move. He’s captivated by her embrace and scent that takes over his mind. On the contrary, the other ad advertises and portrays the woman’s desire to be held by the man. The woman seems to be stunned by the scent of the man that takes her mind off the struggles. Could it have allowed her to finally open her eyes? She is now free from struggles that held her mind captive. Her thoughts can now circulate through her mind freely. How does the audience know if the woman or man is attracted to each other passionately attracted to the o? In both ad’s, the models are affectionate as a result of the scent on each other. The scent seems to take over the affection or passion each model feels. The fragrance creates an attraction through one of the five senses; smell. I believe the men’s cologne ad is meant to attract women. It displays a beautiful woman’s lust the attention of a handsome man. The woman’s perfume ad draws the attention of women by displaying a handsome man that is attracted to a beautiful

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