Group Analysis: The Group As A System

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III. The Group as a System Systems Theory showed how each individual contributed and formed relationships within the group. We were a bunch of interconnected parts working together to form a whole. We each came from different backgrounds, different life experiences and personalities and this theory looks at how we all came together to be “Team Delta”. There are a few elements of a system that I will be hitting on as they pertain to our group, specifically: openness to environment, output variables, and synergy. Openness to environment showed how we had to operation by communicating and meeting up with each other. We had to meet up because of the athletes on the team, all the work could not be done remotely. The first two tasks involved us meeting to complete tasks for a specified amount of time. Task 1 was hard because that was right when both Clint and Jackson were heavily in their season with workouts and practices. We struggled a lot when trying to figure out a meeting time. This struggle of finding time in our schedules to meet plagued us all semester. We were very susceptible to outside influences and changes in the guy’s schedules. Sometimes Clint would have a workout change its time or Jackson would have to Qualify late when we were supposed to meet earlier. Everyone …show more content…
I had never truly critically analyzed a group that I have been a part of and now I feel like I have so many experiences and insights to take to my next group. Team Delta was a learning process for me; I could work in a safe space while being able to analyze my peers based on concepts covered in class. Thank you for helping us to understand group communication and appreciate all that comes with it. This class has helped to change my perception of groups and I am excited to confidently take on group projects in my upcoming

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