Graduation Speech : The Monmouth College Community Essay

1120 Words Jan 25th, 2016 null Page
I have been blessed with the opportunity the past two years to serve the Monmouth College community by being a residence life staff member. I have many assets that have contributed to the success of Grier Hall recently and would make good use of the opportunity to serve the residents as their HR. I enjoy working with new students at Monmouth College and aiding and encouraging them to become leaders on this campus as well. I have fine-tuned my skills and have become a respected authority within the hall while remaining approachable and friendly. I am suitable for this job and would love the opportunity to continue to learn, work, and grow in the residence life program.
2. I have gained so many valuable skills and characteristics in my two years as a residence life staff member. This job has made me become outgoing, organized, and has helped me become a leader in the other campus organizations I am a part of. Throughout my time as an RA, I have faced several challenging situations and each time I am forced to use my critical thinking skills to solve the issue. However, each time a new situation arises, it becomes easier to handle because my problem solving skills have increased. I have also become more organized as a residence life staff member. Turning in reports, planning programs and regularly checking up on residents require good organization. This is what I struggled with my first year as an RA, and it was one of my goals to be better organized this year, and I…

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