Essay on Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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My mom always got up earlier than me because she was a teacher, she came in my room before she left this particular morning to remind me to stop by Georgia power to pay a bill and not to forget about my tutoring sessions I had at omega that evening. I yelled okay and went back to sleep. The buzz of my alarm startled me and I jumped up and got ready to the shower. It was the start of another routine morning, or so I thought. I took a shower, and looked for something to wear. All of this took a little longer than usual, not a surprise, so I was running late. I hurried cut on the alarm to leave the house and hopped into my car to get to school.
After a long school day on Tuesdays and Thursdays my days never ended I still had to go to tutoring and pay a bill that my ma told me to pay. I stayed after a bit and talked to my friends until 4:30pm then I told them I had to go, that’s when I went to pay the Georgia power bill that my ma asked me to pay. Then I went to the parking lot of where my tutoring session was, I was very tired this particular day but I was used to this. I walked in with my ACT book and calculator because I had math this day. I was greeted with a warm smile feeling instructors soon as I walked in and headed back to the table and got started and asked questions on what I was told to do. My session was an hour so by 6:00pm we were wrapping up. I packed up my things and my instructor told me to have a safe break and a good weekend.
I hopped in my car…

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