Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay example

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Ever since I could remember, my father would always play our Steinway piano in our living room. The sound would always flow through the walls. My father would let me sit on the bench with him and I would press the keys down. The excitement that rushed through me was uncontrollable. When I was seven I had the privilege to take piano lessons. I was not enthusiastic about practicing, but I stuck with it for nine years. After my lessons stopped I continued to pursue piano as a serious hobby. I have accompanied my high school choirs, orchestras, and bands numerous times in concerts and competitions. Shortly after I started piano lessons I joined my school 's orchestra and choir class. I chose to play viola and sang soprano in the choir. I loved my music classes, and always looked forward to the rehearsals and performances.

For a while I have always known what I wanted to do. The idea popped into my mind when I was in middle school, and I have always pursued my passion. I have always wanted to be a music educator. Although I did not know what my primary instrument would be. I wanted to specifically study voice and viola. Unfortunately I had to choose one or the other for my major. When I auditioned for the different colleges: “University of Northern Colorado”, “Colorado University”, and “Colorado State University” , I still did not know what my focus would be. I decided to audition for the choral and instrumental department. The auditioning process was rigorous, competitive, and…

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