Graduation Speech On College And College Essays

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They said college would be a time to explore new things. How would someone explore new things when they don’t even have the time to do so. College occupies one from day to night. College brings stress to which one feels overwhelmed. College separates you to being on your own. Limited personal time, stress, and being separated has made me change my priorities in many ways. It has made me realize the value of personal time, relationships, and independence.
College consisting of having to balance school, work, relationships, and such, it gives little time to myself. College keeps me occupied from when I get up till when I can’t stay awake anymore. Getting personal time in college especially is like getting dessert after a meal. With personal time I am able to relax and not worry about having to deal with college issues. With college having many opportunities, personal time allows me to go out and explore them. It allows me to learn about myself and who I am as a person. There is nothing greater than to step away from the stresses and everyone else to just sit down and have “me time”. Everyone needs their alone time but at the same time everyone needs a support system when difficult times come.
College brings up many obstacles. When we face difficult situations, we need other people to support us. When everything is thrown at us, we need someone to take care of us. With the stress college gives on homework, tuition, and managing time wisely, my support systems are what keeps…

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