Essay on Graduation Speech : My Senior Year

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There comes a time where every young adult has to leave the nest. Many teenagers dream of the day where they cross that bridge from childhood to adulthood. Envisioning how it would be to be on their own. They are all so anxious to feel that sense of freedom and independence that they have longed for all their lives. No more demands given by your parents to be followed, just you and the decisions that you choose to make. On the other hand, you also have those who dread experiencing such a drastic changing, including myself, who are nervous about transitioning from my high school to college life. My senior year was smooth as can be. I only had two classes per day and basketball practice was the highlight of my day. Every day I was only in class for three hours, so most of my time was spent playing basketball something that I loved to do. My classes required little to no effort because in my prior years I had completed the classes required to graduate. As a senior, my senior year was everything I wanted it to be, but the thought of being a college student lingered in my mind all summer.
Coming from a family orientated background I was nervous about being on my own for the first time and so far from home. Prior to arriving I hated the thought that I would soon be packing my belongings and leaving all that I had grown to know and love. Honestly I did not think I would be able to endure such a severe change of living by myself away from my father. Ironically I did just that.…

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