Essay on Graduation Speech : My Planning Process At The Same Time

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Typically, I tend to struggle with introductions, conclusions, and capturing detail when it comes to writing. I always write the body paragraphs first, typically followed by the conclusion, leaving the introduction for last. I find by the time I have written everything else, I am able to pull ideas from the essay and incorporate them into the introduction. I use spell check via Microsoft Word, an online thesaurus and dictionary, and sites like for editing purposes.
In week one, my prewriting and planning process happened at the same time. Coming up with three ten year goals was easy and an outline was quickly formed. There was very little prewriting as I currently have goals in place. I knew I wanted the essay to follow the order in which I expect to fulfill my goals, the informal outline was easy to accomplish and drafting began. The hardest part of this paper was the introduction; I wanted to capture the reader immediately. With careful thought and a good bit of revising I had the perfect lead-in: “Growing up I was the odd ball; all of my friends and siblings knew what they wanted to do when they grew up. They had big goals and even bigger dreams. Instead, my future involved getting married and starting a family.” Editing was completed using spell check and
Week three’s essay was a narrative of a personal story and I immediately knew that I wanted to write about Okinawa. How to go about writing my story was the problem. I put my pen to the…

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