Essay about Graduation Speech : My Experience

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For most of my years in school I have been on the honor roll, I was a “strong” and hardworking student. For some reason I would pass most of my test without studying, I was an extremely well guesser. For a long time I didn’t understand most of the material in school, I just got by and somehow got good grades. It was because of one thing, the teachers didn’t care about the work we did. I went to minority schools where getting an A wasn’t a big deal, where studying was laughed at and speaking proper was only used when at a job interview. The way I speak affects the way I write, I write exactly how I talk. My heritage, where I am from and where I went to school are all apart of my literacy narrative. My hispanic heritage has affected the way I pronounce words. My family talked to me in spanish and english as a baby, when I started to attend school I only spoke english. I lost some on the spanish language but I still have trouble pronouncing certain words. I have trouble speaking because I get caught up in my words, sometimes I have a hispanic accent when I talk fast or when there are altercations and I am upset. My mother and grandmother speak fluent spanish which means I am around another language often and I picked up the ”english spanish accent” at a young age. Going to minority schools has affected my speaking in societies eyes, for example I might say “I ain’t” instead of “I’m not” and I get questioned on why I talk like that. I have been told that I talk “black”, when…

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