Graduation Speech : Learning And Work Based Experience Essays

1493 Words May 1st, 2015 null Page
How many college students graduated with the major that they originally started with? What if one program could offer a solution to this major problem? Many high schools offer a vocational program to students, however, not many students take the opportunity. Some students may consider the program a challenge to their schedule, however, it would only better them for the future. Vocational programs that offer collaborative learning and work-based experience will give students skills needed for life after high school and will help decrease the number of students who change majors. One positive way that vocational programs help high school students is that it helps introduce vital skills necessary for life after they graduate high school. Life after high school can be a scary thought, but there is a way to prepare, and that way is a vocational program. Vocational programs offer the valuable skill of time management. Vocational programs often times are a college based program that are based out of a local community college. This being said, once enrolled into a vocational program, a student of high school is now a student of college as well, and time management is absolutely key in staying on top of things. Most college professors give you an assignment, say when it is due, and expect the assignment to be turned in at the beginning of class the day that it is due. When a student does not promptly turn in an assignment in college, typically there is no opportunity for points…

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