Graduation Speech : How Fun School Essay

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At school she moved more freely. For school was part of the world she loved with its echoing chorus of varied sounds: the bell; ringing laughter, and sometimes suppressed chuckles; steps sounding through the corridor hurrying to class; eyes that spoke in smiles, and loud mirth in the classroom…She was an energetic Girl Scout, a team player at basketball and leader of a gang of girls in mutual adoration (28)
The narration above simply provides a vivid explication of how fun school is for Layla. Studying at school turns to be the moment where she finds most of her happiness. It does not necessarily mean that she is not happy at home, however, after getting her period, home appears to connote horror rather than a place where one can find peace, except for her private room. The school offers Layla the freedom of just being herself where she does not feel the confinement at home. It also suggests that she values and treasures education and that she is waiting for achieving higher education, the university life. As personal, Layla strongly opposes the perception that the future of a girl is marriage (82); that girls deserve to have higher education just like the boys. She is completely aware and believes that education can aid people to understand things and to decide what is best for them (77). For Layla and her peers, Sanaa and Adila, education plays an important role. Being educated helps women to not easily accept what the world offers them to be, including marriage. Layla…

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