Graduation Speech : Honor 's Reflection Paper

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Honor’s Reflection Paper
At first, I had no idea as to whom I wanted to interview for this assignment; I contacted all sorts of UC Davis faculty from the departments of my interest, such as, the Veterinary, Marine Science, Animal Biology and Science Departments, but no-one from these departments seemed to be interested in becoming my interviewees. Although my faculty research was quite extensive, I knew that I wanted to meet up with someone that deals with Animals. Just before I started to lose the ambition to sit down and interview a faculty member, I got contacted back from Dr. Esteban Soto. Dr. Soto is an Associate Professor of Aquatic Animal Health in the Medicine & Epidemiology School of Veterinary Medicine Department. Initially, I was very skeptical of the idea of interviewing a Veterinarian; my initial perceptions were that Dr. Soto was going to stress the fact the Veterinary track will be a time consuming as well as a labor intensive field of education. I also thought that most of the interview will be about what type of animals he mainly worked with, and how the UC Davis application process for Veterinary is structured. Overall, I was just excited that I obtained an opportunity to meet with a Veterinarian; I understand that many veterinarians do not have the time to arrange such impromptu interviews.
After meeting Dr. Soto, my cognition of the entire interview changed to a large degree. We sat down and started talking about how he came to be and what took him to get…

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