Synthesis Essay On Honor Code

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Honor codes are a set of principles in a school made to follow, to uphold an honest school environment, which can determine the integrity of a student. It is a controversial topic among students and teachers because of the student opposition of obeying rules. Honor codes should be established and maintained in a school because of the positive shift of student learning environment, student intellectual improvement, and peer relationship progression.
Schools who establish an honor code that is peer lead and continuously monitored can lead to the reduction of cheating. When no cheating is strictly established, students are lead to having to do their own work and study because dependence on their friends is broken. With that said, student’s learning capacity is enhanced because
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The honor code can help establish an environment where student and teacher trust works both ways and the comfortability of a student can help be improved. The student-to-student relationship is dependent on the honest environment of the school and peer expectations. An honor code agreed upon by students, has more of a significant impact on the students because they feel as they are expected to be self-dependent, not by adults who have already been through what they are going through, but by students who may be in the same position as they are. Source C explains that the success of honor code, “depends on the expectations that students have of their peers’ behavior”, emphasizing the influence that students have on each other, hence why if an honor code is established, it can help the environment of the school shift positively. One might say that, “where honor is well defined and policed by an elite student committee, plagiarism has become a problem”, argues that the honor code does not always work because of the

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