Graduation Speech : High School Essay

1020 Words Mar 7th, 2016 null Page
During high school, I have learned and improve my writing each year. I was able to apply everything I learn in my writing, in each assignment I was able to notice a growth not only in my writing but also the way I elaborate my ideas. Throughout high school I was able to write different types of assignments that show my improvement and progress in my writing. When I started high school, I did not have a lot of knowledge about how to improve my writing. One of the writing assignments I had to make during freshman year was a creative essay. When I review my assignment I notice that I had a good idea, but I was not able to explain it. I was just writing facts instead of also adding evidence to support each idea. During freshman year I had a problem with grammar and with introducing my sentences. During that year I was able to improve my grammar by checking my work several times to make sure I fix any mistakes in my assignment. When I started sophomore year I had to write more essays and be able to do more research papers. One of my essays was about the book The Catcher in the Rye; I had to research why the book was banned in schools. In my research paper my teacher commented that I had to improve in my plot sequence and the structure of my paragraphs. I also notice that I improve by adding a work cited to my paper and citations. My teacher also commented that I had to improve in my thesis statement and the composing of my sentences. Even though I notice I still had to…

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