Graduation Speech : High School Essay

1826 Words May 4th, 2016 8 Pages
Do you remember how long your class periods were when you were in high school? It was more than likely a class period over an hour long. In the past, the classes with more time helped the students and teachers by having the time to make the content well informed. Today at Wayne County High School we only have 55-minute class periods. This probably doesn’t seem like much of a problem to a lot of students, but in my opinion it is a problem. Wayne County High School has seven class periods a day unless the student has a job and can co-op. High school students should not have seven class periods every day because it limits the time the students have to learn each subject, it is not required for a high school diploma, and it would be simple to change it to only six class periods. My plan is to remove one of the seven class periods and only have six class periods every day. That will allow students more time to learn the classes with more content. This will not be a difficult task to accomplish and it will not be much of a difference. It will allow less time for unrequired classes and it will help the teachers have more time to teach so they don’t have to rush through every lesson. It will also let the students still keep the required classes and those classes they choose for their future career. I do believe students need electives because that gives them a chance to see what career they want in the future, but for a high school diploma it does not require as many electives as…

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