Personal Narrative: My Trip To Harris Road Middle School

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I am a proud Citizen of Charlotte N.C. I go to Harris Road Middle School. One of the downsides of school though is that it is to long. I am sitting in class all day for seven hours which is bad for your health. I wake up at seven in the morning and I get back home at 4:30 getting back at 4:30 is bad enough but when baseball season comes around I will be getting home around six. Then I have to do my homework, eat, shower and then it’s like time to go to bed. Then it repeats. This happens for so many people and this is one of the reasons so many people dislike school.

Teachers are always saying that you need ten to eleven hours of sleep. When I go to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 7:00 that is 9 and ½ hours of sleep. That is not enough sleep. My older brother who is in High School wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and goes to sleep at 10:30 That is seven hours of sleep. This is 3 hours under the recommended amount of sleep. How does this even happen. When you don’t get enough sleep it leads to more stress hormones.
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I would be able to have some free time. In Finland the kids there go to school for an average of four hours per day. Finland is a country that usually scores about the same or even higher than schools in America. These kids in Finland do so well because school is about fours hours long and it does not get boring for them. These kids in Finland don’t dislike school because they are not in it forever and after school they are able to have free time. We don’t need to be in school for seven hours to be able to have good scores.

Instead of having 7 hours of school we should limit it to five or six hours. This would be helpful because students would actually enjoy school because it does not take up the whole day. If we lowered the amount of time in school it would give students more time to sleep which would help them in many ways. This is why I think school time should be

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