Essay about Graduation Speech : High School Student

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Everyone remembers learning how to drive, unfortunately my experience wasn 't so pleasant. When you 're learning how to drive you have to focus on traffic, your rear view, as well as your side mirrors, which a first seems like a boat load. I compare this situation to growing as a writer, being that they were both rough experiences. As a high school student, I believe I was an satisfactory writer, considering the highest grade I would make was an eighty. Each time my teacher passed out papers, I had hoped that maybe this time I 'd do better than the last. I didn 't quite understand what I wasn 't doing that could didn’t make up for that other twenty percent. While I was in high school, there weren 't that many essays that could be written outside of class. So being able to write a paper in an hour and a few minutes didn 't give me much time to reach my full potential. After consistently making an average student 's grades in advance classes I decided that writing wasn’t for me. When I came to college, I knew that making good grades would benefit me, so putting more effort towards my writing would be in my best interest. The more time I put in, I gradually became better.
Since writing classes weren 't my strong suit compared to others, I expected my English 1101 class to just leave me in the dust. Instead I 'm a racer pushing, awaiting my finish line. I thought that when I attended college I would be expected to know everything I was supposed to learn in high school. When I…

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