Graduation Speech : Grade School Essay example

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In most of your years of education, you experience something called homework. Just hearing the word makes you cringe. In grade school, it 's things like worksheets and reading thin books. In college, you practically write thin books for homework. So you start off with easy homework, but as the years go on, the homework becomes harder. Not only did the homework become harder, but it became more cumbersome as far as how much it was. Should it be steeper to the point that it buries you alive? If only there was a way to have a system to know which teacher is giving the most homework so others can gauge how much homework to give students without overwhelming them. This would almost regulate the amount of homework given. The point of homework is to reinforce learning to retain the information. As the teacher will teach in the classroom then the student will work on that information separately to retain the information better. Also, this is an incentive to pay attention in class so the students wont have such a hard time with homework. But too much of a helpful thing can start to harm a persons well being. When I was in elementary school, I remember coming home form school at four o 'clock and not stopping homework until my mom told me to go to bed at midnight. If my homework wasn 't done, I would have to wake up earlier and do it in the morning at breakfast or on the ride to school. I would have homework in every subject and a book to read by the end of the week to take a…

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