Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

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I remember elementary school very well. I cried everyday of Kindergarten, begging my patient teacher, Mrs. Graber, to allow my mom to come and pick me up. I chewed on the ribbons of my pink floral dress, tears streaming down my face, too scared to talk to other kids and too homesick to pay attention to lessons. Mrs. Graber rocked me in her chair, daily. She gave me homework to catch up on the things that I had been too grief stricken to comprehend. Eventually, I grew out of my fears of school, and was able to pass Kindergarten. I was still painfully shy, but I had made it over my first hurdle, thanks to my kind and attentive teacher. In first grade, I had no friends. Mostly, I sat quietly while other girls in my class looked through their Lisa Frank stickers. Luckily, I was given a new opportunity and a new teacher- this time in the form of theater. Mrs. Bane’s class was interesting to a six-year-old me. We sang songs and watched the older kids act in class productions. I was in awe. I don’t really remember how I learned that there would be auditions for the school play, but I do remember standing there on the school stage, hands covering my mouth, on the verge of tears, and Mrs. Bane with a surprised look on her face, say, “Audra, can you say ‘Oh Fritz! Look what you’ve done, you’ve broken it!’ ” She said it in a monotone, but asked me to say it like I meant it. I did, and one week later, Mrs. Bane called me to her desk during class and told me I had gotten the lead in the…

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