Graduation Speech : College Students Essay

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"The students, whom enjoy of a college level degree, have a substantial socioeconomic advantage over those students whose last education received was in high school" (Pascarella, Smart, and Smylie 275-290). These college students, due to their level of education, have the opportunity of choosing the job of their preference. Because of their accomplishments and prestige, they are able to find a full time job with the earnings of their desire. However, going to college its one of the biggest expenses that high school student and their families face today. It is know that sometimes for the worker class it 's hard to afford the education that they want for their children. Despite this, they pay the tuitions that the college demands with student 's loans, and they hope that after their child finishes his career, he will be able to get the job they paid for (Pascarella, Smart, and Smylie 275-290). Recent research and data show that even though college can provide the necessary degree to find the job the students want, it will also make them earn a vast amount of debt because of its expensive tuition. If we look at the cost of tuition in the past and compare it to the one we are facing today, it can be seen how it has been raising through the years. Today 's college prices are cheap compared to tomorrows. For example, the University of California announced the increase of their tuition price on a 9.6 percent, although they had already risen to an 8 percent this fall. Due this,…

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