Why Become A Pharmacist

The harmony that medical community creates comes from every person employed there such as the doctors, the nurses, the surgeons, and even the pharmacists. Each job is so crucial in order to keep people safe, and improve their quality of living. The good values of medical communities encourage me to choose biochemistry as my main major in college. I want to work in a medical field to help other people; however, I do not know exactly what job I will choose in the future. Therefore, I decide to interview my aunt, Mrs. Chi Tran, who works as a pharmacist in CVS pharmacy to explore about her career and life as a healthcare professional and have a better knowledge about my future career.
I came to my aunt house on the sunny day of October. This
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Working as a pharmacist, she has to spend more than forty hours per week, and she usually works overtime at night and on the weekends. With a lot of workload, it is not easy to balance her work and her personal life. Moreover, in Vietnamese culture, being a mom and a wife is the most important things that every woman needs to do. Vietnamese women have to take care of their family and need to be excellent in cooking and teaching their children. Therefore, my aunt needs to be a superhuman to be perfect in both roles as a pharmacist and a mom. “It is really difficult for me to be with my children while working late at night for a year. At that time, my husband helped me a lot to look after our kids,” she said. “Then, one day, my little girl told me that she didn’t like my job because it took all of my time, and there was no more time left for her. She felt so sad that she could not sleep with me every night and go to the park with me on the weekend. I hugged her and cried. At that moment, I realized that I needed to change. I asked my company’s permission to work at home, and two months later, they accepted my request. And now, as you see, my house is my office”. She smiled and drank a cup of hot coffee which made the whole room be filled with the sweet smell. She pointed at her cup and said, “I am addicted to coffee; it helps me to stay awake from 3am to 3pm every day. After …show more content…
Helping other people, saving their life are the responsibilities of every pharmacist. After the conservation with my aunt, I understand more about the characteristic and the working environment of a pharmacist. I admire them for everything they have dedicated to the healthcare community. Beyond that, what I adore my aunt is her sacrifice with her children and her job. Whether she is a mom or a pharmacist, she always tries her best to bring the wonderful thing to her family and her patients. I have learned a lot about the career of a pharmacist from this interview. My aunt’s stories have encouraged me to keep moving forward with my medical

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