Pharmacology Personal Statement

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Could it be too much? As I uncomfortably swallowed multiple pills with a huge jug of water, I nervously questioned myself whether the allergy medication, acne medication, and herbal supplement were excessive for my body. I brought in my allergy medication, acne medication, and herbal supplement that I had been taking simultaneously to a local owned pharmacy; and asked if there were any drug interactions. The help I received was tremendous. The encounter made me want to understand the mechanism of drugs and the way our bodies metabolize drugs. After I discovered my interest in pharmacology, I changed my major from Biological Sciences to Pharmaceutical sciences to help me better prepare for pharmacy school. I work in Dr. Michael Kleinman’s Environmental Toxicity Research Lab to analyze the mechanistic view on the development of atherosclerosis in humans, using apoE-/- mice. I was awarded funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project …show more content…
I trained new pharmacy personnel and patients on Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS). For instance, I trained patients the correct usage of a cane, a walker, and wheelchairs. I also evaluated policies and procedure to maintain pharmacy accreditation. To improve health awareness in a predominately Spanish speaking and low-income community, where there is an education disparity, I performed hypertension screenings to patients to educate them of the importance of maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Although my Spanish skill is elementary, with a translated hypertension handout I created, my hand gestures, and the help of my co-workers, I was able to convey my message to patient. Despite the language barrier, I am determined to educate patient the importance of lifestyle changes since altering lifestyle can prevent the development of

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