Graduation Speech : College Students Essay example

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Once the school year commences millions of students commence their journey towards obtaining their college degree. However, many students fail to prepare for the dedication and commitment required to succeed in college. Many students treat college as a minor commitment, which can have disastrous academic results. The students who slack off throughout their time in college, often receive lower grades which can affect their job prospects upon graduation. Both Committed and Slacking college students intend to earn their college degree, however evaluating the characteristics of each group may cause college students to think twice about their study habits. A student’s work ethic is a major aspect in differentiating Committed college students from Slacking college students. Committed students have an impeccable work ethic that keeps them on track with their studies. A student’s likelihood of graduating from college when they possess the initiative to exert themselves fully towards their studies. For instance, a committed student attends each class and turns in all assignments regardless of the time and effort required. Furthermore, a student’s work ethic can make or break a college student’s academic progress. The work ethic of slacker students pales in comparison to the dedication exhibited by committed students. In contrast, Slacking students display little work ethic, simply content with maintaining a passing grade. These students do the bare minimum to stay afloat…

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