Graduation Speech : College Is Not A Good Paying Job Without A College Degree

1179 Words May 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Teens often face exceeding amounts of pressure to attend college in fear that they will not be able to find employment without a degree. Schools contribute to pressure by providing students with an abundance of work, information, etc. to take in during a small amount of time. Students set high goals for themselves, and suffer crushing disappointment when they do not achieve these goals or perform at a lower level than one’s envisions as acceptable. As admission to college becomes harder to gain, students also face exceeding amounts of stress. It is often seen as impossible to find a good paying job without a college degree. Teen’s feed off of this information and feel distraught at the fact that their entire lives seem to depend on one decision. From a workload standpoint, students are being overworked in extreme ways. Classes have began including too much content coverage. Teachers try to cram large amounts of information into as few lessons as possible in order to meet the curriculum. This prevents the teachers from taking the time to explain and teach each topic thoroughly with class discussion. (Daniel W. Shannon, 2016 , par. 5) Schools should focus more on the aspect of challenging and encouraging their students on multiple levels and topics rather than trying to cram excessive loads of information at a time. (Catherine G. , 2016, para. 3.). Refraining from teaching the information thoroughly leads to students losing their self-motivation towards their…

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