An Analysis Of College Pressures By William Zinsser

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Johnathan M. Kingman
Professor Stuart Tucker
English 1300-04
30 October 2016
College Pressures
College is a time of anxiety and panic for many students all over the world. In the piece, “College Pressures” by William Zinsser, there is talk about the pressures of college and advises how to handle these moments of breakdown. Through the late nights and tears shed, you have feelings of high doubt and stress. Zinsser points out the four main pressures of college as being “economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure and self-induced pressure” (275). The cost to attend a private college continues to rise as inflation rises as well. Without the finances, students feel they can never get an adequate education which, in turn, means they will be unable to attain an adequate career. Many
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The over achievement, in turn, raises the expectation of the professor. Students who write to the criteria will be forced to start doing more. Both parties will be continuously pushed to do more. Zinsser concludes his essay mentions that our generation is completely goal-obsessed and fearful of risk. Zinsser believes students should, “stay calm and put faith in the power of the blithe spirit inside” (275) that kids shun from coming out. Zinsser brings attention to the main stresses college students face every day. Attention is brought to the fact that we live in an economy of expenses when explaining how economic pressure takes a toll on students. The costs for most private colleges, in the “late 1970’s were about 7,000 dollars per year” (275). It is mentioned that students never got ahead, because after they graduated, they were working to pay off their loans. I agree with Zinsser that there is a lot of economic pressure. Today, costs for private schools are soaring at anywhere around 40,000 dollars plus per year. Much higher than the costs mentioned from the 1970’s. Most of us college students do not make near sufficient money each year to pay for

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