Graduation Speech As A Teacher Essay

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Graduation from teachers college will be an exciting moment in my life, as I am sure it is for many. One challenge for teachers in small towns who work in small schools is that they often have to teach more than one grade. Teachers face many challenges every day and it is important to remain effective in the process of completing all of these challenges. There are many ways teachers can be good at what they do, not everyone has to be the same. Effective teachers care about their students learning (Woolfolk, Winne, & Perry). They ensure their students get the best education they can by building a relationship with everyone in their classroom which will help support learning. Teachers should be reflective and consider their every move in and out of the classroom. Teachers should also combine their knowledge with fun and art to create new creative teaching styles to keep students focused. For my lesson plan, I decided on a topic of science, focusing on Biology–Reproduction and Heredity for both grade four and seven students. Lesson goals — or learning objectives — are a small list of objectives that describe what the students are expected to learn by a specific time. Whether it be by the end of the day, week, month or year. The lesson goals for both groups of students is for them to be able to understand, identify and explain all of their vocabulary words related to the topic of reproduction and heredity (Hotchalk). Good lesson plans begin with outlining the learning…

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