Graduation Speech : A University Level Essay

791 Words Sep 10th, 2015 4 Pages
This academic School year is my first time as a college freshman which gives me several mixed emotions, all of my High School friends are gone and I am being forced to adapt to the situation. This first week has raised many questions for me, What if I 'm not college material? Will I meet the love of my life? Why is this class important? Can I right an essay at a University level? Although I may not get the answer to all of my questions during this first semester, I will defiantly get to test out the waters of college life. More importantly I will be able to finish one one of my life goals before I am out of this institution, which is to write my own book.

The summer of 2015, my freshman year, I was totally anxious to start college, but I had decided to take the summer off, to help with this anxiety I tried reading, exercising, or going out with my friends, but in the back of my mind I still had the thought that my "simple" days were over and here came the real world; this thought frightened me since I have always been mom 's little boy and did not want to go out to the real world, so one day after I had my usual bi-weekly existential crisis I had an idea that saved me for the rest of my days to come. I had decided to write my own book, with my own characters, give them emotional arcs, personalities, desires, values, in essence I would be creating people.
Furthermore, after designing the first characters I could not tolerate them, they felt emotionless, monotonous, and like…

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