Graduation Speech : A New Journey Essay

2322 Words Dec 1st, 2016 10 Pages
A new journey began for me this past August. As of August, I officially moved into my first college dorm room in order to start the path to my future. By doing so, I have given myself the opportunity to be educated at a higher level than high school, which will allow me to learn all that I need to in order to be successful and eventually work in the career of my dreams. However, this isn’t any college dorm room I moved into. This is one of many college dorm rooms that lie in Lincoln Residence Hall on the campus of the University of Illinois – Springfield. What’s so special about Lincoln in particular is that it is home to the honors program, where the students who participate in it receive education from a different perspective compared to the traditional, non-honors students. This different education that I have received through the honors program that focuses on looking at issues from different perspectives has allowed me to think about the world and my future plans from a different light, which has given me a better understanding of the world around me. After looking back at my old assignments from the beginning of the semester, I discovered that used to think more about how things affected myself. At the beginning of the semester, especially when it came to the social events and journal entries, I only focused on myself and how certain things affected me. For example, for the first real social event that I attended at the beginning of the year, I said in the…

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