Personal Narrative: A Career As A Resident Assistant

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Move-in day was the highlight of my college career. As a freshman, I was preparing for a new term and feeling the eagerness for a new beginning. The transition from a traditional-styled home, to a communal dormitory space, is the start of one’s direction to adulthood and independence. Presiding in the learning community of Alvarez Hall forged me into the person I am today. Encountering a mixture of individuals with different sets of personalities and beliefs, allowed me to appreciate the culture and diversity the housing provides in order to cultivate the young minds of the future generation. The Resident Assistant position offers an exceptional opportunity to provide a direct impact to the students. In that manner, they serve as the role models and leaders of their floor. They deliver the value and culture of what the university has to offer. …show more content…
The college lifestyle provides numerous amazing opportunities to any student that is willing to take advantage of what the university has to offer. Along with these opportunities, there’s always challenges that arise that can be easily overcome with the help of a Resident Assistant. A Resident Assistant exemplifies with their specialty to develop a sense of community with their peers and also in providing a positive environment. Notably, this role is significantly essential for the incoming freshman that are facing a major shift with their lives. In this manner, the Resident Assistant position is a huge role to fit, equipped with the tools to allow them to have an opportunity to serve and help people. Holding this position is a great endeavor, as it demands a great deal of commitment, time, and

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