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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Week 1 NFL GPP Picks

If you are reading this article, I think it is fair to assume that you are a fan of playing fantasy football in some regard. It’s a fantastic game that has become a hobby for football fans of all ages. There is a copious amount of ways to make playing fantasy football even more fun than it already is, but there are no methods better than introducing money. And thanks to DFS, money is aplenty this football season. DraftKings and FanDuel are both making millionaires out of players in week 1 of this NFL season, and it’s my job here to help you become one of those players. Cash games are great, and probably the smarter method of building a bankroll, but that’s not what we’re here to do.
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People don’t like Jay Cutler and the Packers are the much better NFL team, but these two ideas are what is going to drive his ownership percentages down and give you a potentially massive edge if Cutler can have one of those big games he’s more than capable of.

Andy Dalton (DK - $6,100; FD - $7,100) – Staying right in line with my last pick, here’s another guy that seems to be on the wrong side of most jokes and scrutiny. Another guy who seems destined for being known as someone who just is not a winner, Dalton has always choked when Cincy has needed him most. I don’t see that being the case to open the season, however. He’s facing Oakland which is nice, but that isn’t the reason I think he makes a good GPP option in week 1. I think he’s a perfect option due to recency bias; Dalton was awful last year and that’s what players will remember when creating lineups for the next month. With that said, the amount of injuries that Dalton’s skill players suffered last season cannot be ignored. AJ Green was banged up, Marvin Jones didn’t play, and Giovani Bernard missed time as well. Mohamed Sanu was Dalton’s #1 target for much of last season, which is not good (to keep it tactful). Now Dalton gets all of these weapons back at full health, as well as another year under Jeremy Hill’s belt and an improved defense with Geno Atkins healthy again. I think there will be way too many overlooking these facts when considering Dalton as their QB

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