Gmo Foods Should Not Be Banned Essay examples

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However, many people believe that consumers have the right to know if GMO’s are in their foods. Consumers want the right to to choose what they eat. Many people have safety concerns and are unsure if GMO’s have long termed effects. They feel that there is not enough research done to determine or prove that GMO’s are not harmful. also insists that “ Few choices in our daily lives are as important as the food choices we make for ourselves and our families. We should be the ones in control, not the government to deny us our right to know. Our right to know what is in the food we are buying & our right to choose our preferred food should not be usurped for any reason” ( In other words, consumers feel that the choice of whether they choose to eat GMO foods is an important one, and they feel that not labeling GMO foods is another way for them to control society and deny them their right to know. Consumers feel that GMO’s should be required to be labeled in the United States. There are more than 60 countries who have made it mandatory for GMO foods to be labeled, including China, Japan, and European countries, and consumers want the same option they want to be in control. All in all the American society wants to be in charge of want they put in their bodies. They want the right to choose and be in control. They want GMO labels so they can make correct decisions based on the information provided to them. This view seems convincing at first, but GMO…

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