Gmo Foods Research Paper

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Good nutrition is one of the key to good health. Corporations should be responsible to have certain policies towards unhealthy food or the GMO. GMO also known as Genetically Modified Organisms, whose genetic material is manipulated in a lab through genetic engineering. Gmo foods are not safe and particularly not accepted by most developed countries. Some policies to avoid these bad foods and unhealthy foods is Food labeling, Isolated aisle of organic foods at grocery stores, and regular food inspections. 64 countries require Gmo Foods to be labeled but United States is not one of them. In the US, it is not required for Gmo foods to be labeled. Food labeling is very important to the people who believe in eating organic products and do not want to consume foods that are made artificially in a laboratory. In one way, foods are not labeled because it earns big companies more money and if they started labeling their foods, people won’t buy their foods as much. For example, like in the article “When a Crop Becomes King,” Michael Pollan states that “Our entire food supply has undergone a process of ‘cornification’ in recent …show more content…
This way people who want to eat organic foods have a choice of eating organic and people who don’t can choose otherwise. Also, Isolating aisles can tell us about the Gmo foods and the artificial ingredients in the foods. However, someone might say that the organic foods will be more expensive than the artificial generated foods but these people do not know that organic foods are more expensive due to their growing in a natural way. “In the early 90s, we spent roughly 20% of our wages on shopping bill. Today, it’s nearer 10%, even allowing for recent inflation, and we assume these low prices to be right ( Line 7, Jay Rayner).” This shows that people tend to buy more cheaper foods which are mostly the unhealthy

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