Persuasive Essay On Should Gm Foods Be Labeled?

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Alejandro Candelario
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Should genetically modified foods be labeled?

Should genetically modified foods be labeled? They use GM on plants to grow our food. This is issue is very important because people should be to know what’s in the food they eat. They say the crops are environmentally safe and practically the same thing as an organic plant. For that reason they don’t believe GM foods should be labeled and consumers shouldn 't know. It has a very big impact because it could be very dangerous to eat because of all the unknown things about GM foods. Since there is so much about GM foods to be discovered and how it affect the human body the severity could be drastic. The scope of the problem is people just want to have the ability to know if what they are eating and feeding their family is a GM food.

The first step involved in genetic engineering of foods and plants is to identifying the trait they want, them they separate that trait, then put that trait into a organism that they want. They find a agricultural need for modifying it
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There has been very little testing on GM foods. It is very unclear to what it does to our bodies long term. The people should have a right to know if the food they are eating and feeding their children are Genetically modified. The Government should be the ones in control, and it is very wrong for government to deny us our right to know. Although GM foods do have a lot of positive aspect to it and are possibly going to be even better in the future. I still believe that they should be labeled.I don’t think the government and GMO companies should be deciding what we should know about our food. If the food is safe and has almost no difference from organic food they might as well label it. When they do not label it, it makes it seem like they are trying to hide something from us People should have a choice in what they eat and feed their

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