Gm591 Course Project Essay

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Getting the Right People to Work at Domino's Pizza

GM591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior


Domino's Pizza is a international pizza chain with roughly 9000 locations worldwide who has been in the pizzeria business for nearly 50 years. Domino's Pizza has a combination of corporate owned and franchised locations. They are also a publicly traded and multinational organization. Domino's Pizza have set their goal in becoming the number one pizza delivery service ever. Domino's Pizza falls under the fast food industry, which has been characterized for high employee turnover. Domino's Pizza is no exception to the high employee turnover of this industry. Domino's Pizza has a trend of young and
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With this in mind Domino's Pizza clearly does not value or understand their critical and most powerful asset, which is their employees. This industry with its high turnover rate is extremely costly. Any company can hire employees to fill positions, but is that company getting the right people? If a company is continuously hiring new people to fill the same positions that people have either quit or have been fired it sounds like something is wrong with the company not its people. Emphasis on satisfying the needs of its employees and understanding the motivation behind its employees will lead to job satisfaction and ultimately lower the employee turnover rate. If Domino's Pizza can implement strategic ways to reduce employee turnover they will be building themselves a bright future with the right people. Reducing the employee turnover at Domino's Pizza is goal, but how will Domino's Pizza be able to make this a reality?

LITERATURE REVIEW A company is driven to reduce employee turnover to decrease the exceptionally large expense that comes with it. It is safe to say that as a company reduces its employee turnover rate the more profits are seen. Saving money, reducing costs, and increasing profits are serious motivations that companies have to reduce employee turnover. However there is more than just money at stake when it comes to employee turnover. What is the cost of employee morale,

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