Gluten, Foe, Or Fad? Essay

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Gluten….Friend, Foe, or Fad?
What’s up with everyone being on this “Gluten-free” kick?? All of a sudden, gluten became everyone’s health enemy and everyone rushed to the store to buy all gluten-free products. But, is gluten even really bad for you? Does it have any nutritional value? Does anyone even really know what gluten is? Gluten is a protein that naturally evolves in many different grains such as wheat, barley, rye and oats. There are two sub-proteins, glutenin and gliadin that strengthen the dough.
Most people don’t know as much as they think they do when it comes to gluten. “Gluten-Mania” or rather the gluten-free craze, is still dominating the United States. In fact, a third of Americans are eliminating it from their diets. N.S.F. International, the Michigan based public health and safety organization, did a phone survey of 1,012 Americans to find out if people had knowledge of exactly just what they were eliminating from their diets. Turns out, 90% had knowledge of gluten but only 35% actually knew what gluten consisted of. The uproar about this gluten-free fad mainly stems from young adults who think they are the experts on gluten, when in reality they are not. The survey showed that 62% of people, 18 to 34, were adamant about their knowledge of gluten, even though they were completely wrong. Gluten has been vilified, however, it does have some great nutritional value. High in protein, iron, and provides a number of other nutrients minus the cholesterol. Gluten…

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