Effects Of Safe On The Paleo Diet

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Christie Alvarez
How safe is the Paleo diet? Published: Friday 19 February 2016 http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/306816.php (Links to an external site.) About a year and a half ago my husband and I were having some health issues. He had been diagnosed with an enlarged heart due to high blood pressure and we were looking for a new way to eat. A friend of ours told us about the paleo diet and swore up and down that there was a lot of research to back up its success. We saw the endorsements and quite honestly never did any research. The one thing that bothered both of us was the large amount of fat that was in the recipes. Even though you were eliminating carbs, the increase in items like bacon and red meat bothered both of us. Shortly after we began this diet we noticed that neither one of us were feeling
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They were separated into two groups, with one group receiving the, “Low Carb, High Fat diet.” In individuals already overweight, with little exercise, the risk for diabetes and high blood pressure is already high. What the researchers discovered was there was a significant, “weight gain, glucose intolerance and insulin”, present in the group of mice that received the, “Low Carb, High Fat diet.” The study stated that it was the equivalent of a,” 200 pound person, putting on 30 pounds in 2 month”. According to the study this would lead to multiple health complications in other areas as well. The conclusion by Professor Sof Andrikopoulos was that,” eating high fat food is not good’.” This article is primarily written to warn consumers about falling for the “fad diet”, especially when you have completed no research yourself. The warning is aimed at a wide variety of people who tend to listen to celebrities and do little to no research on their own. This can sometimes lead to disastrous

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