The Pros And Cons Of Dieting

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Are Diets the Best Choice?

It’s late. Dinner was supposed to be made two hours ago; the kids are quite hungry and… you are in a car, driving to the first McDonalds you see, you grab everyone a quick Big Mac and gobble it down very fast. The next couple of weeks are the same way. Looking into the mirror you start to notice that you are getting chubby and the first think that comes to mind, “I have got to go on a diet.” According to statistics, nearly two-thirds of the American Population is overweight. Also, over 80 million people are said to be on special diets (Diamond, 2003. P. ix.) This is true, but diets are not the answer to lose weight. The following are questions to think about when looking toward a diet:
1. Can dieting side effects
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Looking at a yogurt label we see the words ‘fat free,’ thinking to ourselves we say this is a really good way to start dieting. Looking more into that statement, the question above becomes a “Yes.” This way of dieting is very harmful to a person’s body. When starting a diet, no one can completely go fat-free (National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney Diseases, 2007.) It is much better and healthier to throw out fat-free and put in ‘non-fat free.’ There are many ways to diet, but many people tend to go towards the unhealthiest ways. Another unhealthy diet many people tend to try is called the ‘Fad Diet.’ Going on a fad diet people think, wow, this actually works, but really they are choosing the worst diet choice imaginable. These diets may help lose weight a whole lot quicker, but later on they could lead to many health problems, because of the lack of good nutrition (National Diabetes Institution, 2007.) “Some more choices in dieting,” says Ruth Papazian in Deciding to go on a Diet, “are to skip meals, resolve to eating nothing but diet bread and water, take diet pills, or going and making yourself vomit.” Going high-protein, starch-free, or complete vegetarian could also be harmful to the …show more content…
Dieting cause many health problems. The choices people choose are even worse, and young teenagers go too far in dieting. What we eat really does matter. It is often said “you are what you eat,” but that is not entirely true. Eating unhealthy foods and doing unhealthy things to your body like taking dieting pills, vomiting after eating, and not eating are a few of the problems with dieting these days. Going on a diet comes to only one conclusion; Diets are not the best choice.

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