Eat Food Michael Pollan Analysis

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In today’s society, people are more concerned and involved with their health and overall wellbeing. Most everyone is aware that a healthy diet is critical to obtain an optimal lifestyle and be nutritionally satisfied. People go through out their everyday and may ignore their eating habits for various reasons, and for the reason people wonder if eating health is even possible in America. Many factors may get in the way or be an inconvenience, not allowing individuals to pursue healthy choices, but it is not an impossible behavior. Usually a reason for choosing to eat unhealthy is because it can be more convenient. Even the typical places to grab a quick, inexpensive meal, now serve healthier options as well. When making a visit to the local …show more content…
Eating food that nourishes your body is just as convenient and easy to consume as junk food. The article, “Eat Food, Food Defined” by Michael Pollan, relates to this point stating, “don’t eat anything incapable of rotting” (Pollan 595). This quotation discusses through a unique perspective and insightful diction, that anything that will not expire within a short period should not be consumed. The best food for the human body is as fresh as can be and will change state in a short span of time. Food that has an extended self-life is loaded with preservative and additives to keep the food lasting longer, which is detrimental to the body. The chemical they put in these types of foods, are potentially harmful to he body. The article titled, “Why McDonald’s Fries Taste so Good”, analyzes the ingredients and additives of this particular prized commodity. This study states, “ Natural and artificial flavors are now manufactured at the same chemical plants, place that few …show more content…
Enjoyable, healthier options are becoming more apparent in companies and restaurants to allow for food with nutritional value. Most restaurants now, even have an alternative menu with lighter, and healthier options to chose from. If wanting to obtain a healthy well-balanced diet, one would choose some of the food with good advantages. Another healthy alternative would be to go to the grocery store to buy food to make a fresh, home-cooked meal, instead of eating out at a restaurant. One may claim that it is expensive to buy all the ingredients to make a healthy meal, but if one calculates the amount for a 4-person dinner at a local restaurant, and the amount of money it would be nearly equivalent in cost. Following the trend and crave of healthier alternatives for the consumer, eating-places are adding these better options to their menus. Eating a healthy diet is a mindset that a person needs to obtain if one wants to succeed at a better physical and mental lifestyle. To say it is impossible to consume a healthy or well-balanced diet in America is ignorant. It may require a bit more effort, but definitely outweighs the potential health-risks of eating food with harmful ingredients. For every excuse possible to consume food with no nutritional value or excess fats, other healthier options are

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