An Analysis Of The Article Against The Grains By Melinda Moyer

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Against the Grain

Melinda Moyer, the author of the article Against the Grains, argues that carbohydrate is able to cause obesity or chronic disease from a scientific angle. She shows how the low-carb notion developed in past years. Many credible evidences that stated by all kinds of scientists were cited to support the author’s argument. Also, she lists a few opposite ideas in order to support critical thinking. For my opinion, this article is a good academic article because the author uses plenty of statements and researches of scientists in various field, which can improve the credibility of this article. Besides, there are many statistics evidence to raise the logical level of the article. Moreover, Moyer uses his own losing-weight experience to appeal the Pathos from the audience. However, I
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He also uses citations of scientists and social critics. Besides, we can find some economic statistics. However, I think this article is a little bit boring because the author doesn’t use any story to attract me or appeal my emotion. Moreover, most of words are the author’s own opinion, so I don’t trust as much as the former articles.

Why Violence Works

Benjamin Ginsberg, the author of this article, argues violence is closely related to polity. He lists some reasons why violence is important for polity. First, force can be defeated only by stronger force. Second, violence is a major tool of social and political change. But violence is terrible, even its efficiency is obvious. Then, the author lists some solutions to replace violence, but each solutions has problems. Finally, violence is still the best way to deal with the political issues. The author uses some historical facts about wars or violence to support his opinion. Besides, he uses Hobbes’ words to improve credibility. He also uses statistics about incarcerated to make the point powerful. I notice he doesn’t use any rhetorical devices for

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